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Welcome to Louise Tomkinson Art! 

I am an art teacher and professional artist.

My style as an artist is uncontained, I am drawn to fluidity & the urge to be free.  Water is an inspiration- It is often used as a symbol of purity & tranquillity, but it can also be tempestuous & forbidding, impossible to control.  

I use Alcohol Inks & pure Isopropyl combined with a range of tools/techniques & vision to create vibrant abstracts that are energetic & full of movement. No visual is the same with a different outcome being achieved every time. 

I use robust synthetic paper which allows the inks to move and blend well.  I always wear a protective chemical respirator & gloves whilst working due to the toxicity of the Inks & pure Isopropyl.

Please do contact me if you wish to purchase one of my abstract prints and/or if you have ideas for a commission that you would like to discuss further.  

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